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Name:Nylflex Standard Shape Nylon Pick (.050MM) 25 Pack

Brand: D'addario

Price: 920

Nylon picks provide the warmest tone you will find in the D'Addario pick offer. Great for vintage electric sound and acoustic strumming. Made in the USA.

Inspired by the revered nylon picks of the ’50s and ’60s, the D'Addario Nyflex is the first nylon pick to capture the flexible feel, warm tone and molded grip pattern of the original, delivering an authentic, vintage playing experience in its entirety. Now you can finally experience the feel and tone that was so eagerly sought out by now Hall of Fame guitarist during the birth of rock-n-roll. Nylflex, the modern pick for vintage tone!

  • Injection molded Nylon with authentic two-sided grip pattern
  • Available in .50mm light, .75mm medium, and 1.00mm heavy gauges
  • Flexible feel and response
  • Warm Tone
  • Softer attack for smooth, “compressed” strumming
  • Made in USA